​​Sword Of The Spirit Prophetic Ministries

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Our Mission... is Helping People Find Their Way Back to God


The Bible represents God's love letters to us.

Each book and chapter teaches us how to walk in love, and be people of integrity, holiness, righteousness and truth; also guiding us from wrong decisions, deceptive people, false ministers and teachers.

Our heart is to be a people that goes back to the root of the new testament church, based fully on the Life of Christ and having our heart and minds dedicated to the way Jesus intended for us to walk on the earth.  

God is still available today, and is longing for a relationship with us. He wants to heal us, strengthen us, and empower us. Manifesting his love to us in a real and practical way.

At SOTS, we aim to sit, listen and worship him. Free of religion, free of hypocrisy and living our lives reflecting the Love of God! Come and worship with us and experience the Love of the Lord. As we recognise and accept his undying love towards us.

Take the first step toward personal renewal – join us for services this weekend!

Expect a warm and friendly welcome! We are just regular people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and upbringings and we work together to encourage and support each other in Love.